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Do you know that most of marketers barely make a cent online?

By on September 9, 2018

High Ticket Sales - Source:Niel P.

It took me almost a year to figure out how to earn online.


Since I was advertising items that either wasn't paying much or were only suitable for high traffic websites.

Because I was promoting products that I relate to.

I judged products only based on how much commission I would make for every sale.

This made it difficult to create good content — If I didn’t like the stuff I was writing about, how would anyone else?

People fail at affiliate marketing for many reasons — promoting bad products and lack of consistency and focus.

However, one thing separates the super affiliates from the rest.

No, affiliate marketers don’t have a magical secret formula for success! However, they have a proven affiliate marketing strategy that works well.

That’s what I'll share with you in this blog post.

By studying the affiliates gurus, we can determine what works well and reverse-engineer their strategies.

Why Super Affiliates are So Successful ?

Successful affiliate marketers don’t waste time. They maintain focus and remain consistent over time.

When it comes to the marketing strategy for the gurus, finding the right affiliate program that has an outstanding commission structure is the key.

Elite level marketers don’t waste their time promoting the type of products with one-off $25 commissions.

Instead, they stick to high paying affiliate programs.

These affiliate marketing programs offer products/services that net huge commissions.

Of course, the affiliate programs alone won’t create wealth for these gurus.

They create content that provides a ton of value that making a difference to people. They establish strong brands that communicate their message to the world.

People that succeed are always learning, growing and challenging themselves.

Success with affiliate marketing is as much about your psychology as it is about marketing strategy and know-how.

Affiliate Compensation Basics

Let’s take a look at the commission structures for the best affiliate programs.


We are lucky because affiliate marketing has plenty of opportunities to diversify our income.

There are two types of commissions one should be aiming for, the first is:

High-ticket product/service commissions

These products are sold on the back-end of a sales funnel (more on that in the next section) and cost $1000 and above.

Don't spend your time promoting $17 products with no future upsells, and you’ll struggle to be profitable.

For example:

Let’s say you’re targeting a million dollars a year.

To achieve this number that contains many zeros, you’ll need to sell 58,800 copies of a product that costs $ 17.

Fifty-eight thousand, mmmm!

Good marketing can’t overcome wrong maths.

On the other side, if you’re promoting a product that costs $1000, you’ll only need to sell 1000 copy to make the million dollars.

If the product costs $4000, the number drops down to just 250 sales.

Pretty powerful stuff right?

Recurring commissions

These types of commissions are potent. Just refer someone once to a subscription service and get paid good commissions monthly for the lifetime of the customers’ subscription. This is how to accumulate real wealth with affiliate marketing.

As an example:

Every month I pay for an email marketing autoresponder called Convert kit. These guys are the best when with email marketing automation.

My plan costs me $29 / month. You can sign up as an affiliate to promote Convert kit to other bloggers and earn a 30% lifetime commission. This means if you referred only 100 people at $29 a month, you’d be earning $900 a month. While this isn’t a massive amount of money, it accumulates over time. You’ll keep earning that $ 900 on a monthly basis as long as your referrals stay signed up. 100% Passive Income on autopilot.

The power of sales funnels

What is a Sales Funnel ? - Source: Crazy Egg

Studying how sales funnels work can mean the difference between making $1000 and making $50,000 a month.

Really. Most online businesses have a sales funnel that they use to sell their products and services to consumers. Those funnels usually offer a low-priced or free offering at the top then gradually introduce higher-priced, higher-value products to the leads that opted through the funnel.

The following diagram explains the sales funnels concept… Sales funnels works well because they help build relationships with customers and offer a taste of your products/services without substantial investments upfront.

Introducing high-end products when your prospect barely trust you will be a bit weird! The best affiliate programs provide lifetime commissions. So this means you’ll continue to earn commissions everytime your referral purchase a product from the business you referred them to. This is how to earn most of the high-ticket commissions in affiliate marketing.

How to find The Very Best Affiliate Products to Advertise?

How to assess the value of an affiliate program?

A few things to look for before you start promoting: How popular is the product?

Please don't judge the quality of a product solely based on your commissions. Many high paying affiliate programs out there with products that aren’t good. Research the quality of the product and users feedback before promoting the product. Go through the website, online reviews. Google their brand name.

If no-one is buying the product at all, this will be a waste of time. What’s the % of commissions they’re paying? Do they offer high-ticket products? What about recurring commissions? Will it be financially viable for you to spend time promoting the product/service or is their similar product that pays higher commissions?

Cookie duration

The best cookies are the lifetime ones. Really! Noo, I am not talking about the chunky chocolate chip cookies you’re craving — I’m talking about affiliate program cookies! Lifetime or “sticky” cookies mean you get paid every time a customer you referred makes a purchase. In some cases, this still applies if someone cancels their membership and rejoins again (ex. ConvertKit program). However, some affiliate program also is based on the last click, where the commission goes to the owner of the click that was followed by the purchase (ex. ClickFunnels program).

Isn't that Cool?

On the other side, other cookies only last for a few days or cover first purchases only.

Backend/upsell products

This is truly good for anyone that wants to succeed as an affiliate.

Affiliate programs that backend/upsell products (as mentioned in the sales funnel section) will multiply your earnings multiple times without extra effort from you.

The backend selling is where businesses make the most money. For example, you purchase an e-book on how to build a website.

After the purchase, the product owner will build a relationship with you through useful emails that provide tonnes of value. After a week or so, he share with you his $1000 training.

A percentage of people who bought the e-book will invest in the training program. This is just a dummy example, but it explains the power of upsell products.

2nd-tier commissions

Those are special commissions. They pay you a percentage (for example 5% as the case with ClickFunnels) of sales from other affiliates that you’ve referred to the program.

So not only you make money by promoting products or services, but you also earn a % of profits other affiliates make through 2nd-tier commissions!

Should you pay to join an affiliate program?

This is a common question that many newbies had when first starting online. The answer is, it depends. Almost 90% of affiliate programs will be free to join, but others have extensive Bootcamp training that will cost you money.

If you’re new to affiliate marketing, it makes sense to get step-by-step training that puts you on the right track. The proper training will save you time and money, if not years of banging your head against a brick wall.

One point to be aware of, that training gets outdated fast. Moreover, the tricks inside the training become useless lots of people become aware of it.

I would recommend Spencer Mecham training (this is a paid one) because he shares multiple traffic sources and he doesn't claim he knows it all; he included training from other gurus for individual modules.

You can also get clickFunnels affiliate boot camp training for FREE.

What Are The Most Effective Affiliate Programs?

I listed below the list of top affiliate programs! I’ve performed some a long research and turned over a fair few rocks to bring you this list! I am only listing here Business, Entrepreneurship and Marketing products, because of their 2 tier affiliate commissions

You won’t find physical products affiliate programs such as Amazon Associates in my list. Here is Why? Because Amazon commissions are very low and their cookie only lasts for 24 hours Let's start!

Business, Entrepreneurship and Marketing

We put our focus here on the affiliate programs in the online business and entrepreneurship world! Some of these affiliate programs provide an incredible education for anyone looking to start their online through a unique “learn to earn” opportunity.

Affiliate programs in this area pay exceptionally well. Why? Because many of those products are high-ticket digital products AND information-based so businesses can afford to pay high commissions. Great news for affiliates!

#1 - The Six Figures Mentors

Follow your passion - Source: Six Figures Mentors

This is a digital business system, and one that I promote myself because of the sheer life-changing value it provides.

It is a unique platform that has by far one of the highest paying commissions ever.

The 6 Figure Mentors is a training and mentorship portal that trains you for every aspect of online entrepreneurship, helping to equips you with the digital skill sets and leadership mindsets you need to succeed in the online world.

The training provides you with a step-by-step, modular training program taught by top business leaders to students globally.

The courses are designed for members to teach the proper foundations for their online business, mainly to avoid many of the obstacles and financial errors that entrepreneurs tend to make when starting out.

The SFM also hosts a community of like-minded inspiring (and well established ) entrepreneurs which is something that can be invaluable on the journey to success.

This is something perfect for the aspiring entrepreneur looking for their first online opportunity.

You’ll learn powerful business mindsets as well as digital marketing skills that will enable you to sell products online effectively.

You also can promote the system itself to business opportunity seekers to generate commissions through their high paying affiliate program.


-Top rated marketing and business skill set training modules.
-Lifetime customers. Recurring monthly as well as yearly affiliate commissions.
-Up to $8000 commissions per sale.
-A digital business coach to take you by the hand throughout your marketing education.
-Access to a digital skills platform. Lead magnet page creator. Web hosting, and Blogging platforms.


-Some people claim that you are forced to believe in the Law of attraction, which they saw against their religious beliefs.
-The course is overpriced when compared to similar classes (Read our article about SFM moderately priced alternatives).
-Some also claim that they don't teach you to be a true affiliate marketer.
-Instead, you find yourself promoting their courses. It is not for advanced marketers.

Program Details Features Status
Niche Online business and also entrepreneurship education. High recurring monthly commissions?
Type Online courses and in-person coaching. High-ticket products?
Commission Up to $8000 per sale. Up to $1000 recurring yearly Backend/Upsell products?
Cookie length Lifetime Second-tier commissions?

Try it now : Six Figure Mentors

#2 - ClickFunnels

Insider marketing Techniques - Source: Click Funnels

ClickFunnels is a US company operated by Russell Brunson and his team. One of the most popular when we are talking about building sales funnels, lead pages, autoresponder, analytics split tester, and email marketing automation.

It's been up and operating for more than four years in the time of this review. As a quick brief, I learned about ClickFunnels through Russell's new publication DotCom Secrets: The Underground Playbook for Growing Your Business On The Web Then it is highly recommended by me if you want to understand how to sell products online.

ClickFunnels let you create a landing page, squeeze page or a lead magnet page without the need for a hosting provider, a domain, coding or technical skills in less than 30 minutes.

They have lots of ready made templates that have been tested and proven to convert to choose from. They have many web templates that fit every business objective. ClickFunnel will collect your leads (name & emails) for you, and they will integrate well popular email marketing providers ( Aweber, Get Response and Conversion kit those are the affiliate friendly autoresponders), to help you automate sending converting emails to your email list.

ClickFunnels offers an excellent FREE affiliate marketing training (called affiliate boot camp ) in 13 days, the training come with email swipes (email templates).

ClickFunnels has more than nine books/ training (Expert Secrets, Funnel University ) which you can promote and earn commissions. The majority of them are free making them very easy to promote.

You can earn 40% recurring commission per month per consumer for life using ClickFunnels They have two plans, you can get paid off $118 depending on the plan. Commissions are paid weekly after the 30 day refund period as long as is a minimum of $50. ClickFunnel's 2-tiered affiliate commission platform pays 5% commission on what anyone your sign up under you.


-Proven templates that convert.
-Dream car monthly payment ($500) once you reach you get 100 clients.
-A lot of training video's along with an active support facebook group to support you in your success journey


-Their sticky cookie and their affiliate tracking got some flaws.
-There is intense competition from CF top marketers; they offer free training and lots of bonuses to get affiliates to sign up under them.

Program Details Features Status
Niche Sales & Marketing Funnels High recurring monthly commissions?
Type SAAS - Software as a service High-ticket products?
Commission 40% recurring + up to $998 per sale from Funnel Builder Secrets Backend/Upsell products?
Cookie length Lifetime (with exceptions) Second-tier commissions?

Try it now : ClickFunnels Free Affiliate Training

#3 - Shopify

Drop Shipping Masters - Source: Shopify

At the peak on Black Friday this year, over $1 billion in sales during the event through Shopify stores. Shopify now powers over 600,000 business in 150 countries and generates over $32.5 million in monthly recurring revenue. They’re the market leaders in the drop shipping boom. People can promote the Shopify suite of tools for people looking to start their online store...

These guys provide everything you could need to run a successful e-commerce store — from website builder to shopping carts, web hosting, analytics, store management, SEO and more.

If one owns a web design company or agency, development stores are an excellent way to build your recurring commissions through Shopify.

Setting up stores for clients through Shopify lead to earning a 20% monthly revenue share on their subscription. Using affiliate link promotion, affiliates can earn 200% of the monthly subscription for a referral.

Their newest features are the free pos card reader (only in the US ) that allows store owners to take substantial payments from anywhere in the world.


-Earn 200% commission from customers monthly subscription using a standard affiliate (and up to $2400 per sale).
-Recurring commissions for building stores and Shopify Plus referrals.

Program Details Features Status
Niche Ecommerce High recurring monthly commissions?
Type SAAS - Software as a service High-ticket products?
Commission 20% recurring + up to $2400 per sale from 200% subscription bounty payments Backend/Upsell products?
Cookie length 30 days Second-tier commissions?

Try it now : Shopify

#4 - PROOF

Social PROOF - Source: PROOF

This is a new affiliate program that surely you haven't come across!

I am almost sure that many haven't heard about this affiliate program! PROOF was founded by Dave Rogenmoser, well known of popular consulting training courses. PROOF is a subscription service that helps websites increase their conversions and sales by utilizing the power of social proof. This product can notice it on dropshipping stores, price comparison websites and digital course squeeze pages.

PROOF is spreading everywhere! Using simple but powerful pop-ups that let people know who about others who signed up or purchased a specific product recently. This simple concept has resulted in conversion increases for businesses!

If you run any business that involves generating leads/selling products, PROOF could make a game-changing difference to your conversion rates.


-A chance to try the service for free 14 days before anyone signs up for a paid account.
-Simple marketing materials available to help promote software.

Program Details Features Status
Niche Sales & Marketing Tool High recurring monthly commissions?
Type SAAS - Software as a service High-ticket products?
Commission 40% recurring commissions — up to $51.60 per customer referred monthly Backend/Upsell products?
Cookie length Not Mentioned Second-tier commissions?

Try it now : PROOF

#5 - Kinsta

- Source: Kinsta

Kinsta offers powerful managed WordPress hosting which is the excellent way for bloggers to generate good affiliate income. This particlur web hosting companies that pay handsomely for referrals.

Among their top features daily backups, free site migrations and web security. They are unique in their offer with recurring commissions on top of the first referral payments you receive. Although recurring commissions are only 10%, but that’s 10% more than other web hosting companies. This affiliate program was released in November of 2017!


-Exclusive sign-up bonus + recurring affiliate commissions offer.
-Sleek affiliate dashboard that’s easy to navigate and simple to use.
-A good range of promo materials available.
-High lifetime value of referrals due to low customer churn rate of 5%.

Program Details Features Status
Niche Web Hosting High recurring monthly commissions?
Type Cloud Hosting High-ticket products?
Commission up to $500 per referral — 10% monthly recurring. Backend/Upsell products?
Cookie length 60 days Second-tier commissions?

Try it now : Kinsta

#6 - SEMrush

All in one marketing Tool - Source: SEMrush

SEMrush is an all-in-one marketing toolkit for digital marketing gurus. Their features range from technical SEO audits to rank tracking and competitor keyword analysis.

It can be used for spying on competitor keywords and discovering what works for them! Although similar tools exist, but SEMrush is one of the best on the market when it comes to competitor intelligence.


-They use a sticky cookie which means you’ll still receive commissions if a referral cancels then joins up again in the future.
-You can make up to $160 a month for each referral!
-They don't have good promotional material — considered an issue if you are not promoting them through an email list or direct links on their site.

Program Details Features Status
Niche Competitor analysis and SEO High recurring monthly commissions?
Type SAAS - Software as a service High-ticket products?
Commission $40 recurring — up to $160 per month for each referral Backend/Upsell products?
Cookie length 10 years Second-tier commissions?

Try it now : BeRush

#7 - Ninja Outreach

Find Social Media Influencer - Source: Ninja Outreach

Ninja Outreach is a prospecting tool considered a cheap alternative to Buzzsumo. It helps marketers create and manage outbound email campaigns, and to access a huge databse of both Twitter and Instagram influencers.

I havn't used myself but I know people that use it, but I used buzzsumo which is more expensive and lacks Instegram influencer database.

Ninja offers a high 50% recurring commissions! It is a high commission for a recurring software product when compared to others in the market — most businesses offer between 20-40%.


Ninja offers an additional product you can promote is an inbound marketing training course with also 50% commissions.
Great suite of advanced tracking tools for affiliates.
Extensive reporting features.

Program Details Features Status
Niche Influencer marketing tools High recurring monthly commissions?
Type SAAS - Software as a service High-ticket products?
Commission 50% recurring — up to $300 per referral per month!! 50% commissions for the “Ninja Academy” course offered Backend/Upsell products?
Cookie length Not Mentioned Second-tier commissions?

Try it now : Ninja Outreach

#8 - The 67 Steps

Great Mentors - Source: The 67 Steps

The 67 Steps Tai Lopez is a social media mastermind guru guy that teaches other people how to start different types of businesses. He has acquired TONS of haters, and it all started after he first cropped up on Youtube through his famous “here in my garage” video. Tai puts some good content out there. One of his most popular platforms is called “The 67 Steps”. It’s a personal mentoring program that teaches how to acquire the mindset required for success.

Almost 2,349,225 people have joined the program to date. So of course; you can promote it as an affiliate and earn some chunky commissions!

Tai also has a Social Media Marketing program where he teaches people how to start consulting business by helping small businesses with their social media.

Commissions are up to $350 per referral for this training program. Tai will shower you with emails about the products he sells. Almost every single day he will try to sell you a different program.


-Their Affiliate dashboard is clunky and confusing.
-The support team has pretty terrible response times (experimented).
-Rock-bottom refund rates for their products

Program Details Features Status
Niche Business growth, mentorship and entrepreneurship High recurring monthly commissions?
Type Online Courses High-ticket products?
Commission 50%-75% Non-recuring, up to $250 for 67 Steps and $350 for SMMA program/td> Backend/Upsell products?
Cookie length Not Mentioned Second-tier commissions?

Try it now : 67 Steps

#9 - Instapage

- Source: Instapage

Instapage is a compelling landing page builder platform that helps businesses increase their conversion rate. They’ve established themselves in a highly saturated niche by creating a core product that boasts industry leading conversion rates for customers.

I’ve not used the Instapage myself, but I have seen it used by some highly converting sites! While they only offer a 30% recurring commission, but their product price point is quite high, so you can expect some good returns from promoting their software. Their Pricing starts at $79 and goes all the way to $229.


50% commission on the initial payment and 30% recurring.
Accurate and reliable tracking software ensures no commissions are missed.
High customer lifetime value.

Program Details Features Status
Niche Landing Page Builder High recurring monthly commissions?
Type SAAS - Software as a service High-ticket products?
Commission 30% recurring, up to $68.70 per referral monthly (custom plans excluded) Backend/Upsell products?
Cookie length 120 days Second-tier commissions?

Try it now : Instapage

Using Facebook Free Traffic for Affiliate Marketing

Can I do affiliate marketing on Facebook?

Almost every person gets on Facebook nowadays, from old to young, and also all over the globe. If you wish to get to a vast target market, you shouldn't look much further. Facebook enables individuals to see your posts and also updates, like them, communicate with them, discuss them, and even share them.

Well-crafted posts, as well as adverts, could result in successful affiliate sales. How to begin then? We recommend this affiliate boot camp training - it is FREE (by ClickFunnels). They will teach lots of new techniques and more tips & tricks, and most important the fastest way to reach your goals on Facebook.

Create A Facebook Group

The very first step to developing a successful group is picking your target niche. Why niches are vital because it’s an incredibly effective way to attract the right kind of audience! If you’re going to put in the effort into well-made posts, you want to make sure they will resonate with your ideal client. Know the demographics and audience interests of the people you’re targeting so that you can promote the right products and services to them.

A Facebook group could begin with merely a few of your good friends and also expand from there. Your buddies will certainly currently trust you as well as your point of view, as well as their sort and also shares will undoubtedly obtain you even more interest and also will certainly aid you to Rather get to others.

Do not just post items that you get a payment from-- this typically comes off as scammy instead, aim to supply useful things as well as posts.

When people go to your group page and see that you promote a variety of different things, they’ll then put more trust in your opinion and view you as more honest.

Create A Facebook Page

If you’ve already got a blog set up, then you should create a Facebook page for it. This is a beautiful way to promote your blog posts, affiliate links, and other relevant information in a fun way.

Your page could operate very similarly to a group, although there is slightly less interaction with a page. Groups, by their very nature, encourage communication. Pages are more to keep your audience updated and to keep them aware of your latest content. Groups can sometimes feel a little overwhelming to manage, while pages are more straightforward to operate. If you can continue to post useful content for your audience, then you’ll be able to get them equally engaged—ask questions, share videos, and, of course, link to your affiliate link posts, or directly to specific products and services.

Facebook Advertising

Appropriately done and also well, Facebook advertising could honestly influence your presence online in addition to boosting your sales. Facebook does have strict guidelines regarding precisely what your advertising could appear like, and it often requires submitting an ad placement request more than once. Tenacity is critical, and it can pay off.

Your advertising should use videos instead of pictures to achieve lower advertising costs. Tier 1 countries are among the top buyers and concentrate on the audience who have the financial capability to buy something from 25 to 55 years old, depending on your product. Test male & female ads separately, same goes for desktop & mobile (choose people on wifi only). Concentrate more on the desktop audience, always investigate audience overlap when scaling ads, don't go for manual bidding yet.

Advertising Posts

If doing an entire ad campaign sounds difficult, consider promoting posts. When you see something is performing well, you can give it a bit of a boost to increase sales even more. Our experience tells us that boosting post works well with low cost when targeting your page audience and their friends. A word of warning, never put affiliate links directly in Facebook ads, it will eventually get your ad account blown up and banned.

Can I do affiliate marketing without a website?

You certainly can make money using Facebook for affiliate marketing, but the best way to make money online with affiliate marketing is by having your website. If you are feeling too intimidated to start a site, fear not! We recommend joining Wealthy Affiliate, where they provide you with all the knowledge and necessary training to get your blog up and running fast.

Elmalla A. (@elmalla) is Chief Sales Officer at Highest Paying Affiliate Programs, which focuses on studying Affiliate Marketing Secrets.